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  • I want to install Windows XP Pro 1-2cpu but i want to know what '1-2cpu' means? Does that mean I can use the key two times on two different CPU's...?

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010 4:04 AM


  • Hello julzii,

    The entry "1-2" CPU on the product description line of the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) means that the product is licensed to be installed on computers that have one or two physical Central Processing Units (CPU).  A CPU is the processor chip itself, which is mounted to a socket on the motherboard of the computer.  Commonly available brands of processor include Intel and AMD.

    Specialized computers called "workstations," which are usually more powerful than a regular desktop computer but not as powerful as a server computer, typically use a motherboard that has two sockets to support the use of two processors.

    The reason why this is listed on the CoA is that it is a common practice in the specialized business software industry to charge by the processor to use software.  So the more processors installed in a given computer, the more it would cost to buy a license for, and run, a given software package.  By listting "1-2 CPU" on the CoA, Microsoft is telling you that it is not charging extra to install this product on a computer with two processors.  You do not see this "1-2 CPU" designation on Windows XP Home (for example) because the home edition of Windows would not be installed on a powerful "workstation" computer.

    For all but the more powerful server computers, the practice of employing hardware that can support two (or more) physical processors has been overcome by the trend toward designing one processor with mutiple "cores."

    The designation "1-2 CPU" does NOT mean you can install and activate the product on more that one computer at a time, because in this context CPU refers to the Central Processing Unit chip itself, and not the computer tower, case, or enclosure (which some people call the CPU).

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    Tuesday, October 19, 2010 4:46 AM