Where to set phone number/extension RRS feed

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    We have an OCS farm with a mediation server, edge server and front end server.  All IP calls between communicator clients work flawlessly.  Now I'm trying to route incoming PSTN calls through my audio codes gateway into the OCS server.  However, I'm not sure what format OCS wants the phone number extension.  I've tried setting it to the extension (3 digit), standard phone (7 digit), phone with area code (10 digit) and 1+area code+phone (11 digit) but I get the following error on the transfer:

    10/16 23:15:47.659 : : NOTICE  : (      lgr_flow)(11913     )  |       #30:RELEASE  GWAPP_UNASSIGNED_NUMBER : (136231387681200043855@


    Where can I verify what format it wants the invite in?  My sip address is my extension (for UM voicemail) and I set my line URI to tel:+1234567890.


    We are also not running SP1 beta for Exchange 2007, so I can't run the script and do any config there. 


    Any thoughts?





    Wednesday, October 17, 2007 3:24 AM


  • Ok, another case of RTFM, it wanted the invite in +1(123)456-7890 format.  Now on to manipulating for outbound.

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007 3:36 AM