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  • Build my WHS @ over the Weekend, I'm using an HP DC 7100 SFF  (PC921ET) as the Server, I replaced the 40GB SATA HDD with 320GB Hitachi SATA drive and installed 1GB RAM. I used DeepBurner to create the ISO and in external drive to boot/build, that all worked fine, the server built in about 1 hr.

    The only problem was the NIC drivers were not loaded, (but the build didn't complain about not finding any drivers),  I downloaded the Broadcom NetXtreme driver for XP Pro from the HP site, and that installed and worked fine.


    Connector: I used a normal ISO reader the put the connector software on a USB Key and tried to install it on my wifes Tosh laptop, (XP Home Ed, factory install) the software installed but the wizard couldn't see the server, although I could ping its IP okay (, I tried the manual setup but still couldn't fine the server by name, but it would connect by IP, but as soon as I entered the server password I was getting a network error.

    I found several other people on this forum with the same problem, the common fix seemed tobe adding an entry in the hosts file (   Server #WHS ), with this entry the connector would still not connect to the server automatically, but it would connect manually using the name ( I guess there is some form of DNS problem going on).


    Once installed the connector software console wouldn't connect the the server until i rebooted the server (i actually moved the server and disconnected the screen and keyboard/mouse, and managed to turn it off !), I created accounts on the server to match those on the laptop and the connector worked fine, I could connect to the shares and run a backup no problem, all done over wireless network


    Then I tried to install the connector on my second PC (home built hardware XP Home Ed), I had the same problem with the connector software and again the hosts file issue fixed it.  Now I had a more subtle problem, the user account names on the second PC were the same , but the acutal profile folder names were different e.g Laptop c:\Documents and Settings\Neil    Desktop c:\Documents and Settings\NeilK

    Since you cannot rename a profile (well I couldn't !), i had to create another account on the same machine with the correct profile name and copy over my settings etc, once i had done that it worked fine.

    Monday, April 30, 2007 9:25 AM