CRM 2015 Error viewing User Heirarchy after upgrading RRS feed

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  • This is an upgraded from 2011RU17>2013SP1>2015Update0_1 on premise.

    When selecting the symbol next to a user to view the hierarchy we get the generic "Error has occurred" message.

    The event log has the following:

    Exception message: The maximum recursion has reached before statement completion.

    I had our DBA trace the process and she maxed the allowable recursions and it still fails on this SQL:

    exec sp_executesql N'WITH systemuser_hierarchical([Level], SystemUserId, ParentSystemUserId) AS


    SELECT 0, "systemuser".SystemUserId, "systemuser".ParentSystemUserId

    FROM SystemUser "systemuser" WHERE "systemuser".SystemUserId=@SystemUserId0


    SELECT [Level]-1, "systemuser".SystemUserId, "systemuser".ParentSystemUserId

    FROM SystemUser "systemuser","systemuser_hierarchical" "systemuser_hierarchical" WHERE "systemuser".SystemUserId="systemuser_hierarchical".ParentSystemUserId)


    ( select count(1) from SystemUser where ParentSystemUserId = "systemuser0".SystemUserId ) as "HierarchyDataService_CountChildren"

    , "systemuser0".IsDisabled as "isdisabled"

    , "systemuser0".Title as "title"

    , "systemuser0".BusinessUnitId as "businessunitid"

    , "systemuser0".InternalEMailAddress as "internalemailaddress"

    , "systemuser0".MobilePhone as "mobilephone"

    , "systemuser0".FullName as "fullname"

    , "systemuser0".SystemUserId as "systemuserid"

    , "systemuser0".EntityImage_URL as "entityimage_url"

    , "systemuser0".BusinessUnitIdName as "businessunitidname"


    SystemUser as "systemuser0"

    inner join "systemuser_hierarchical" as "systemuser_hierarchical"  on ("systemuser_hierarchical".SystemUserId = "systemuser0".SystemUserId and "systemuser_hierarchical".[Level] != 0) order by

    "systemuser_hierarchical".[Level] desc

    OPTION (MAXRECURSION 100)',N'@SystemUserId0 uniqueidentifier',@SystemUserId0='D8A8D787-0BB7-DD11-BAC4-0050569B14AC'

    Tuesday, December 1, 2015 7:32 PM


  • There was a bad record in active directory that had a character this didn't like. Once updated, this was resolved
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    Tuesday, May 10, 2016 12:42 PM