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  • This is MSP Server 2007 in Winserver2003 and SQL2005.

    Navigation to the PWA home page for a site now gives error: The enablesessionstate attribute on the page directive is not allowed in this page.

    I tried to use the default.master from one instance (http://projserver/program2) in another (http://projserver/program2). I did that by saving it from one instance and loaded it into the master page gallery of the second pwa instance. Of course that did not work and now I have the error message as listed in the title of this post. Reset site definition in PWA settings did not restore the default.master. All the other pages and links in the site are still fine. Enable Session State is checked in Central Admin, but in the web.config file for port 80, Enable Session State is disabled.

    I think I have a couple of options but want some expert input on them. I was thinking that any of these might work independent of the other options.

    1. Create a new site in the broken instance and use alias to reroute traffic intended for the home page.

    2. Restore the wss content database for all of port 80 (? Wrong database?).

    3. Delete the site and recreate it using the existing databases. I have seen Gary C mention that it may be neccesary to run "repair" on the entire installation for other people using this method, but I am not sure why this would be required.

    4. Enable session state in the web.config file for the site on port 80 and try the "reset site definition" in PWA again? This scares me.

    I think restoring the database option would be easiest. I have marked transactions and full backups of all databases. What database would it be?

    You opinions on those methods?


    Tuesday, June 28, 2011 4:52 PM


  • In case somebody else needs to know, reseting the site definition worked after selecting the check box to apply reset to all pages. For some reason it would not reset the site definition otherwise. As a work around it was easy to create a new site at the PWA instance and then make a template from another PWA master.default instance and apply it to the new site. This effectively "mocked" up the original PWA master.default (PWA Home page for that instance) that was throwing the error.
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