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  • Can anyone please tell me how to get my album artwork over to the phone's own player?

    Have changed all tunes from WMA to MP3 so that I can play on phone's own player (as widget has nice quick direct buttons) rather than the Windows Media Player - (having done this the music is sitting in both players but now I am unable to play from the Windows file - but this is not the real problem) - the real problem is the fact that I cannot get my album artwork to go over when I synch the music.

    Can anyone help - but please explain it to me as if I were a 5 year old - I'm not that good with techy stuff!

    Also scrolling through the phones own music lists is rather difficult - everytime I put my finger on the screen to scroll, music is selected from where I first hit the screen - am finding this really frustratring, and cannot use the cursor either - is there an easier way?

    Having said all this - I LOVE MY OMNIA - and basically have found everything else really easy to use!

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009 1:41 PM

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  • This is a bit late in the day but thought I would reply as I think this is an ongoing problem for people. Let me start by saying I am not very techy but I did figure this out by myself partly because my husband is an IT geek and gets all excited when I'm able to talk computer with him.

    Ok so here's how I did it - It's probably the long way of doing things and very much in laymans terms but it worked.

    1. Firstly link up your phone to your PC and select file management in the windows mobile device centre software.

    2. Locate where music is stored on your phone by scrolling down the files on the left of the screen. (Mine is located smartphone > storage card > Music >)

    3. This should bring up all the folders for each album on your phone. Double click on an album - this should bring up all the songs on that album.

    4. Here's the tricky bit (for technophobes) - You need to find the artwork for the album. You can use albumart . org to find this on the web. or you probably already have some on your computer somewhere - like Itunes for example. So using album art,  search for your album. When you find the correct pic, right click on the picture and selct copy from the list.

    5. go back into windows mobile device centre and paste the pic in the album folder alongside the songs. Make sure the pic is .jpg format. It won't like .bmp - change the image into .jpg by simply typing it in place of .bmp

    6. make sure your phone is synced then go to your phone's file explorer. Find the album - my device > storage card > Music > Album

    7. In the list of songs in the album there should be a .jpg image at the bottom of the list. IMPORTANT you must rename the jpg image to 'Folder'.

    Hey presto! That should work. However, When I did this I came accross a couple of other problems. e.g. I had to delete any previous picture that attempted to be the album art. I also had to update the phone's music list as well as it appeared as though all my songs had disappeared bar one album.

    Hope this helps.

    Sunday, June 7, 2009 1:53 PM