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  • Hello.  I'm new to Windows HPC.  I work for a research company and we use some third party DNA sequencing applications that are installed on Windows Server 2008 R2.  They are very cpu and ram intensive.  If we were to build an HPC cluster, is it possible for the application to consume all of the cpu and ram across all nodes in the cluster? If so, would I only need to install the application on the "head" node?  Thanks in advance for any information or direction you can provide!


    Wednesday, December 4, 2013 2:54 AM

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  • As long as your sequencing can be broken into simple independent tasks HPC lcuster solution is for you.HPC framework configure your network computers into managable cluster so you can define which machine is client, which is server and which nodes do the calculations.It provides you with tools to delegate part of the calculations to each available node in your cluster or even how many CPUs of each node you may allocate for a specific task.All you need to do is to install HPC Pack on each available computer and decide a role for it.

    The basic scenario is :

    1.create some folders with input data on your server under shared folder on your server

    2.create a simple application (C,C++,C#,batch,PowerShell  etc) that takes data from stdin ,process it and output the result to stdout

    3.run from your server command similiar to this one :

     job submit /stdin:net_path /stdout:net_path /workdir:net_path  /numcores:2-N your.app.exe   (N - available cores number in your cluster)


     job submit /stdin:net_path /stdout:net_path  /numcores:2-N mpiexec  -wdir net_path your.app.exe   (to run more than one instance of your app on the same node)

    As more proffessional solution you may also write cllient-server app.

    For the best performance you need to consider the time for data transmission to/from nodes or between nodes, time needed to lauch your app,network traffic etc.

    Daniel Drypczewski

    Thursday, December 5, 2013 6:25 AM