Please help translate Windows firewall jargon to OneCare firewall jargon RRS feed

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  • What do "zone", "location", "home or office" and "public place" mean?


    My home computer has what Windows calls a "local area connection" to the Internet, another "local area connection" to my internal local area network, and a "virtual private network connection" to my office. 


    Before installing OneCare, I had a Windows firewall console from which I could select with of the connections the firewall applied, which ports the firewall allowed open and which programs could open ports through the firewall.


    Now I am hostage to jargon that I do not understand.  Can someone translate the old Windows jargon to the new OneCare jargon.  I can find nothing on the OneCare help pages that provides this information.



    Friday, June 6, 2008 2:23 PM


  • In the OneCare firewall, a network connection is either public (more restricted) or "Home or Work" (less restricted.)

    These are defined as a location - considering the physical location of the PC and network.

    For you, your LAN connection when plugged in at home is "home or work." The VPN connection tunnels through the local LAN connection, out to the Internet and to your VPN host at work. You'll need to allow VPN to have access to the Internet through the OneCare firewall.


    The Windows jargon is still valid. The OneCare nomenclature attempts to simplify it.



    Saturday, June 7, 2008 12:47 AM