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  • We are a large company currently running a single organization on CRM 2011 in one department. Our company planning to implement Dynamics CRM in different business departments (Marketing, Procurement, Contracts, customer service, …etc)

    These department businesses have some things in common like customers and contacts data but in large have different processes and different users.

    We have many arguments internally about which approach is better:

    One organization for all business departments with Multi solutions sharing common enities (the concern is complex soltuoins design)


    Multi organization (one for each department, following this we need to share customers data across organizations and even reporting over all organizations is a concern)

    I did a lot of research and found the following related links & White paper:



    However we need to have a proven experience. Does anyone have an experience with similar scenarios? I would be interested if you can share your thoughts. 

    Tamim ALKhiamy

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014 3:57 PM

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  • Hi,

    I have deployed CRM for more than 50 companies with requirements similar to yours and sometimes similar discussions have been made. If you have accounts and contacts in common, processes that start from one BU and flows between departments and ends in other departments, users have to communicate,... you have to implement one organization. Furthermore, if you deploy more than one business the CEO or other managers hardly could track the performance of the company. Hence, in these cases it is better to use a unique organization with one or more (if required!) solutions.

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014 4:32 PM
  • Hi Tamim,

    Yes from my personal experience, I could suggest though decision is yours. Below factors you need to consider

    Single Organisaion

    Pros & Cons

    1) all teams works in a common enviornment and easy for IT suppor for maintenance

    2) Being a group though different departements we have business units and Teams to make better use fo the System as single organisations with mulitiple departments shared acccordinly

    3) Active directory manitenance is easy if going for IFD but gets complicated with multiple organisations

    4) single server can go with workgroup less expensive than multitenant

    Multiple Organisaion

    Pros & Cons

    1) Every department has there own organisation to play in there own ground with hassle from other departments

    2) Difficult for the IT support to maintain lot of redoing work like updating common solutions in every organisation

    3) Data like contacts and accounts though common but bit of regular maintenace needed

    4) server expensive depends on budget for resources to work on each organisation

    Finally I would wish to go for single organisation and build you team strong in IT support and strict rules with security roles so not issues much faced.


    Wednesday, January 15, 2014 5:22 PM