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  • I feel somewhat cheated.

    I bought a Tiny computer last year, just before they declared themselves bankrupt.

    They didn't send a restore cd or a copy of Windows despite it being installed and having a Tiny sticker with serial number, and a shiny "Windows XP home edition Proof of license - Certificate of Authenticity" sticker.

    The sticker has a Windows XP home editional serial number and the address www.microsoft.com/piracy/howtotell on the bottom, it's got a barcode and even has the hologram.

    When I bought the computer from their website it said it came with Windows XP Home edition, so when the computer arrived I just plugged it in and got on with my gaming.

    A few months later Tiny (and Time - both part of the Hutchinson group) declared bankruptcy. A few months after that I had some problems with my computer booting up and formatted the harddisk. When it was complete I brought out my CD wallet and noticed that all Tiny had given me was a drivers disk for graphics card, tv tuner and other hardware.

    Nothing at all for Windows. I figured that any Windows XP home cd would work with my key as it's a genuine key.

    Installed Windows XP home from a CD my friend has and found my Product Key was rejected by it. As Tiny are unreachable I was screwed.

    My friend lent me his Windows XP Pro cd and key - I use them now, but it's telling me it's not a genuine copy of Windows. I don't see the harm, I've got a genuine key and will happily take photos to prove it - I just haven't got a disk which works with it.

    Is there anything I can do to get another CD that will work with my key? I don't feel I've been treated fairly by Tiny and there's nothing I can do to tell them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    Steve M

    Thursday, May 18, 2006 6:42 PM


  • Steve:


    Unfortunately, (I'm assuming you have XP Pro currently installed), theres no way to go from Pro to Home without a reinstall.


    Your copy of Home (at least the COA Sticker) is an OEM copy, so you must install XP Home with an OEM CD. Most computer manufactuers (at least now) provide this service with a repair CD. The WGA team can't provide OEM XP CD's, unfortunately. I'm sorry for the bad news. :(


    I would recommend attempting to locate an OEM Windows install CD.


    I hope this helps,




    Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:03 PM