MOC2007 - wrong Conference indication RRS feed

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    1. user A is logged in, and calls user A calls user B (manually via the physical phone device)
    2. user B answers manually via the physical phone device
    3. user A consults user C manually via the physical phone device
    4. user C answers manuall via the phsyical phone device
    5. user A adds user C to a conference manually via the physical phone device



    • in step 3 and 4 there are two conversation panels (one shows the call to user B as hold. The call to user C is connected). This is quite normal
    • after the conference has been setup in step 5 there is no change in the GUI, - there are still two conversation panels, call to B remains on hold, and call to C remains connected.


    • one conversation panel which shows both calls as connected. (Note: this is the behaviour of MOC2005)
    • or - if the two conversation panels are shwon by intention - each of the calls in the separate conversation panels are shown as connected.


    is this a known issue with the MOC? How can I overcome this situation?
    Thursday, July 10, 2008 2:51 PM