MSVS refuses to close and more


  • I have community edition 2017. It has worked for me well until today. I am debugging a large C# project with about 30 .cs files. All of a sudden the search function failed. I was looking for a method and I knew that there should be two instances. It showed one in the constructor but the other one it refused to find until I began using "Find all instances" or close. It found both and I saw both listed in a separate page. When I tried to open the other file it refused to show me the code. Just gray panel. When I try to close the Studio, a popup shows up with this message:

    Microsoft Visual Studio
    Attempting to get the view from an adapter in state TextDocDataAvailable

    What is it? Now I have to crush the studio via the Task Manager

    Thanks, - MyCatAlex

    Sunday, August 12, 2018 8:06 PM

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