OCS std install error: [0xC3EC7921] Invalid meeting content directory set for IIS virtual directory. RRS feed

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    Hi guys,


    Everything seemed to go fine, I uninstalled LCS2005, restarted and started to install OCS


    The AD prep was ok, but the deploy server part returned this error


    [0xC3EC7921] Invalid meeting content directory set for IIS virtual directory. Please make sure the directory ends with WWW.


    Strange, Its concerning "ADsPath: IIS://EZ-SRV02.ezNetworking.intra/W3SVC/1/ROOT/etc/place/null/filetree" so I drill down in IIS and find a strange structure


    Default Web Site\etc\place\Null\filetree\W3SVC\1\root\etc\place\null\filetree


    As you can see the highlighted portion in red seems to be a copy of the first. Or wierd anyway. Etc, Place and Null are virtual dirs so I take a look at the path. c:\progr...\OCS..\Web Components\Data MCU\WWW. When I dril down to the file structure, there's no filetree file containing the highlighted part.


    I decide to delete the highlighted part in IIS and let setup create it again.


    deploy server runs without a problem. Yes!


    No.. Now it seems none of the services want to start...


    I added a CA signed Certificate but to no avail. (saw someone mention this as the solution in a newsgroup)


    Any ideas?


    What do you guys find in IIS? the same structure?


    Wednesday, October 17, 2007 3:05 PM