Performance of the sql compact sync-provider is horrible. It should be easy for you to improve it greatly. When will the next version be available? RRS feed

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  • We are developing an application where we are using sync services for ado.net (desktop). As the ship-date comes closer, we are running into some serious performance-issues.
    We are using it in download-only-mode, so the insert-performance (in ApplyChanges of SqlCeClientSyncProvider) is the main problem.

    SqlCE is a lightning fast local database when it's utilized properly, but SqlCeClientSyncProvider it making it seem snail slow.

    Inserting a few hundred rows takes several seconds, with proper use of connections and SqlCeResultSet it should take milliseconds.

    And you are certainly aware of these issues:

    January 12, 2009, Sean Kelley wrote in this thread:

    The SQL Compact team has also put together a prototype of a version of the Compact provider that leverages SqlCEResultSet which improves insert performance drastically. I meet with them next week to determine the appropriate ship vehicle for these changes. Again, I do not have hard dates yet but know that we recognize that this is a huge gap in our current product offering and will make efforts to address this gap.

    And Wednesday, January 14, 2009 in this thread:

    We are also aware of the improvements that can be realized through a more intelligent use of CE connection objects. These improvements are a no brainer and will be our first line of attack. 

    That is 4 months since now, so my question is: will there be a new version soon? Or a CTP? Or simply a service pack, fixing the “no brainer”-connection issue, that would help a lot.

    Sync services is working great for us otherwise, but the performance is killing us.


    Eivind T


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