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  • Hello everyone

    I can't claim existing homeserver.com domain after new installation

    I downloaded the 30 day evaluation version. Installed it on a dell PowerEdge T105 (8 GM memory, 3 x 1.5TB SATA drives). Configured it and tried it for 3 days. I was sold and bought an OEM version through new egg which arrived yesterday.

    The configuration of the 30 day eval (which came with PP3) included a custom SERVERNAME.homeserver.com linked to my windows live account, which worked very well.

    Installation of the OEM version was not smooth. First I tried "Server re-installation" which went well and finished normally but I did not have access to any folder. The data was supposedly there but no one (including the admin, had access to any folder). Since I did not want to mess with permissions and I had all my data backed up, I decided to do a new installation.

    Started a new installation which did not finish and error out with "cannot create volume" or something similar.  Decided to re-do the install

    Second "New server installation" finished successfully. I configured everything, but... and here's the reason of my post:

    When I'm trying to configure "remote access", I log in to my windows live account (same credentials as used during the trial version) and when I try to reclaim the original domain name SERVERNAME.homeserver.com it tells me that SERVERNAME is already taken (of course, that's what I used during the trial version)

    How can I:
      a) re-use the same domain name I use during the demo version (transfer it, manage it, whatever), or
      b) relinquish the original domain name so I can get it back for the new installation

    I though the name of the domain was linked to my live ID, and as long as I used the same live ID I could transfer it to a new server, or at least there was a way to manage domain names associated with your live ID.

    Note: SERVERNAME is obviously not the actual sub-domain name. The name is actually something meaningful that I would like to preserve.

    Note 2: the previous SERVERNAME.homeserver.com still points to the new installation, I assume because my IP has not changed, but obviously, once the server IP changes, the domain will eventually be a)orphan, or worse, b) point to a different box.

    Thanks for your time


    Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:41 PM

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  • Are you 100% sure you are using the correct live ID?

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010 5:48 PM