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  • I got an email from Microsoft when I purchased and installed Windows 8.1. It offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 when it came out. Sounds great. It also said since I had just purchased 8.1 at full price I would be able to download and register 10 for free for only 1 year using this method. There were instructions how to make my 8.1 legally change to 10 in case I had to reinstall it after the year. I can't find the email sent detailing what I needed to do.  I need to do this since I often have problems and need to reinstall for various reasons. Like recently my computer was hacked and I now get emails from my email address for things like Canadian Pharmacy and ads for erectile dysfunction and talking to #@$#($  about   #*%#*(#@//.  This wasn't enough problems for me so I then got a notice from PokerStars.net saying they had to fire an employee who had been caught after they had sold a page of customers information including name, address, social security number, bank, account routing numbers, pins, age, sex, spouse and all their info as well.  This culminated in someone filing Federal Income Tax under my personal information before I had a chance to file which resulted in us not getting our refund until December instead of in March.  Since I am disabled SSA didn't like this at all.  Also, it is a way to get a legally clean install. Please help me with the steps needed to register my 8.1 version for the change to 10 legally and receive my personal legal product/activation code. I remember the reason I was offered this is my purchase was in November and 10 was to come out with the new year.

    Anyway, since I am maxed out for stress this year please help me get this fixed so when I reformat my hard drive and set everything back to 1's and 0's   so they can't get anything else out of my computer.......I will still have a working product.

    Thanks, Cheryle

    Friday, May 6, 2016 9:08 AM