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    I have several subflows in a large IVR application that utilize the method that is stated here: 


    An issue I am running into, is navigation using the GoTo activity.

    I want to navigate the user to my first activity in my main workflow applicaiton, if the user says: "Main Menu" 


    I accomplish this by defining a global command activity within the Main Workflow  that contains grammar to recongnize the "Main Menu" phrase.


    I then via a statement activity inform the user they will be transfered to the main menu, then invoke the GoTo activity to navigate to the 1st activity of the Main Workflow.


    This works fine no matter where the user is within the Main Workflow.  However, if the user is within a Subflow, and speaks: "Main Menu" the statement gets played informing the user that they will be transfered to the main menu, and then the application hangs.


    What is frustrating, is that I do not encounter this issue when debugging locally within VS2005. This only happens when deployed to production.


    I did notice that the QaActivity that was played while the user spoke "Main Menu" fires its turnstarting event again...  Should have focus be transfered to the MainWorkflow?


    I simply want to navigate the user to the first activity within my Main Workflow from a Subflow.


    I would appreciate your help with this.


    Friday, May 23, 2008 3:22 PM