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    This is my first post to this.  I hope I am in the right place. I wanted to give Microsoft feedback on how to improve some of their programs.

    1st -Windows Photo Gallery

    It would be helpful when the gallery is showing, to include the complete folder path of the picture in the information panel


    2)  Windows Vista

    I want to say a job well done on the photo file tagging, naming, comments options in Windows Vista.  After getting my digital camera i struggled with where to keep the photo.  Do you keep the picture of your grandchild at your sons wedding in a folder of your Sons wedding or a folder of that grandchild.  I found myself first making copies, then due to memory space i found myself making shortcuts (which was kind of a pain - expecially if you later move that picture or folder its in, the shortcut is now no good).  So the use of tagging etc is a great option.

    With my Nikon I save each photo in jpeg and RAW(nef) format.  I place them in separate folders after tagging and assigning titles etc.  I have over 10,000 photos to update since I transfered all my photos to my laptop (vista) from my desktop (XP - that doesn't have tagging)  When I look at a Folder I know I have updated that folder because I have changed the folder icon. 

    When I tag and title the pictures, my title is the same for each grouping of pictures.  My tags are first all the same for each grouping of pictures (including generics like what is the event (Birthday) where is it located (Persons home, City,State) and when it was taken (year).  I know you can locate pics by date taken so i do not put dates in the tags, just the year.

    But i could save a lot of time

    a) Folders

    (1) If when you copy a folder, the folder icon copies with it.     As I said I change the icon of the folder indicatiing I have updated the tagging-title etc.  There are times I copy the blank folders to prepare for moving pictures. but when i copy and paste the folder the folder name copies (except it include the work copy) but it reverts to the standard folder icon.  Then i have to go back into properties and change it again.

    (2) another option that would be great is to have a format painter (like in word or excel) but to use it for folders.  Where if you have one folder with a particular icon, you could select it, then hit the format painter and then point to other folders allowing them to change to the new folder icon.


    b) Pictures

    (1)  The tags are great as i said above. I think its great the way the existing tags are listed as you type a new tag, this allows you to select an existing tag by checkbox so that your consistent in spelling etc.  It would be better if you could create tag strings.  Example if i am placing in each photo the location which may include the "House, city, State, Year"

    Instead of me typing each one seperately for each photo, when the existing tags are shown to allow you to check the box,  it would be great if the string of "House, city, State, Year" was an option allowing me to type and select only one thing instead of 4.  As it is now the tags are separated by a semi colon (Wink maybe strings could be bracketed by [ ] or something.

    (2) Another thing that will speed up the labeling of photos is to create a format painter (like in word or excel).  Where you by selecting one photo and then selecting the format painter, you could copy the title, author, and tags.  Or if necessary have a title format painter and a tag format painter, etc sepearately to define what is painted each time.


    I hope this gets to the right people.


    Thanks for listening


    Friday, September 12, 2008 10:47 AM