The best way to transfer data (branch to branch) or synchronization using sql express for inventory and sales application RRS feed

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  • Hi good day!

    Currently, our company uses an rdp connection for our application to the other branches to connect to the main server, but since rdp is always dependent on internet connection, we always have a problem with it regularly because of slow and unstable internet connection. So I've come up for an idea to use and study this synchronization tools/software that can integrate online and offline scenario that is applicable for sql express user. However, since our company is in a hurry, I don't know if sync framework will fit to our needs and requirements, so I need some assistance and advice on how to do it.

    Here's our scenario: Our company has 3 branches including the main branch, if i will be using sync tools, these branches must have a sql server express installed with each other so that they can connect locally on its own. The main branch will act as a central database and collects/receives all the transactions, including update and delete, made by the branches (preferably sales transactions and inventory movements). So the branches will send all of its transactions to the central database regularly while the main branch will also send the updated prices of the inventory to the branches (Actually, updating of inventory prices is not really a problem because I can use sql data compare to it). So the problems that always comes to my mind is that, how can I manage data collection/synchronization from this proposed method? So that the main database once collects/receives data from the other databases it won't affect its own transactions. Is sync framework can handle this problem of mine before I make a full study of it? Or is there any other option aside from sync framework that can fully integrate this scenario?

    So, I really really need your advice and wisdom regarding this problem. 

    You're help will be greatly appreciated.

    Anyway, i'm using c# for the application that i'm developing with sql server 2012 express on its side.

    Thank you very much,


    Friday, January 3, 2014 8:36 AM


  • After some thorough study about sync framework for a couple of days, I made into a conclusion that sync framework is the best and perfect solution to my problem because of its filtering synchronization method and it is working side by side with sql server express. Although I tried to google out some 3rd party software about sync, but found nothing and no one fit my requirements. I also tried merge replication, but no luck because it needs a publisher or distributor to work it out since i'm only an express use. Thanks to this tutorial @ http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff928676.aspx which is very clear and informative and I learned a lot for this. Maybe, for a couple of months I am hoping that I can implement this features as soon as possible to our office so that rdp is no longer a problem to us.

    Thank you very much.


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