Why are posts missing between pages of the forums? See a post get to the end of one page and it goes supposedly to the next page but doesn't for awhile. RRS feed

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  • I've been noticing on posts that I want to reply to they are disappearing between pages of the forums. Yet, if I've already replied to them they are still listed in My Threads. For example if a post is on the first page of a forum as the last post of the page and a new post is added so it is moved to the next page of the forum and you go to the next page it is not there yet. Or something similar is occuring but I can't test it until early in the morning when nobody is posting.

    Noted this problem in the Visual Basic forum first. And just tested the problem by posting a new post and not seeing the last post on the page become the first post on the next page. Now I will count how many new posts have to occur before the last post makes it to the second page of the forum.

    From doing a test in the Visual Basic forum it took 8 posts on the first page of the forum to force the last post on that page to become the first post on the second page of the forum. So I would say that if this is occuring for each page of that forum and there are 2920 pages currently on that forum then 23360 posts are not available for viewing.

    Test verified with this post

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