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  • Wondering, once again, where to exactly this might go.

    My different problem is in the still unanswered thread at this link:


    Today, I have gotten some updates, 5 to be exact, and I'm sure that when I install them, I'll need to reboot my computer for them to finish installing.

    Unfortunately, therein lies the problem. I apparently have a corrupted file (something I found out after my last post in that thread), somewhere, and I'm not sure where. I don't have a disk with my original drivers, and was hoping to just wait until I had the money to buy an external hard drive before just restoring my computer back to factory condition.

    The main reason, if I install, and have to reboot, the last time I shut my computer down for any reason, it took me several tries before I didn't get a blue screen of death either around the time that it was loading everything up (just before the windows symbol shows up and right before I enter my password), or it occurs moments after I input my password and either crashes before or after the desktop comes up.

    My main concern, is, that if it crashes while installing the updates, how much further would that mess up my computer? And, seeing as 3 of them are important, and 2 are recommended, should I try and wait another 9 days or so till I can get an external hard drive, or should I attempt to install the updates with my computer in its current condition?
    Wednesday, February 11, 2009 5:58 PM