Fixing indexing RRS feed

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  • Can someone help me sort out indexing on my Home Server please.

    I am on the old Home Server (Does it have a name? Version 1?).

    I first realised I had a problem after I added a new shared folder. When I came to include it in a Library on a Win7 machine. I got "This network location can't be included because it is not indexed.". After some investigation I found that the Indexing Service on the server was stopped so I started it. This was 3 days ago. I am still getting the above message when I attempt to add it to a library.

    If I go into the home server and display the Windows Search Indexing Status it says Indexing... and the Items indexed so far: has not changed much from when it started, currently 162,513. Indexing Options currently say  - Indexing in progress. Search results might not be complete during this time. I have caught this displaying a message saying somthing about Insufficient disk space to complete the indexing. The C: disk has 4.47 GB free space out of 20 GB.

    The disk activity light on the disk containing the C: disk seems to have been on continually as far as I can tell.

    The new folder has the - Allow this file to have contents indexed in addtion to file properties - ticked.

    Cannot think of anything else that might help. I could do with some guidance please as to what I should see in Indexed Locations when I click Modify in Indexed Options.

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011 3:37 PM