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  • In upgrading from MSF 2.0 CTP to RTW, I am seeing the following exception when running some regression tests that execute Synchronize on an instance of SyncOrchestrator: "Invalid column name 'scope_restore_count'."

    Both local and remote providers are using the SqlSyncProvider.

    I don't see any references to 'scope_restore_count' or table schema changes to scope_info in any of the release notes, yet the following query is being executed:

    exec sp_executesql N'SELECT [scope_id], [scope_local_id], [scope_sync_knowledge], [scope_tombstone_cleanup_knowledge], [scope_timestamp], [scope_config_id], [scope_restore_count] FROM [scope_info] WHERE [scope_name] = @sync_scope_name',N'@sync_scope_name nvarchar(100)',@sync_scope_name=N'Scope104'

    Since this is a breaking change for us, can you please explain what the field is used for?

    Thank you.

    Rick MVP, Connected Systems Developer
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  • Rick-

    This column is needed for the backup/restore process to keep track of how many times a particular scope has undergone the post-restore metadata fixup.  It also affects how versions are determined in the _selectchanges and _selectrow procs.  If you are using the backup/restore recovery feature, these changes will be needed.  I would suggest using the provisioning API to script out the new procs and table creations and alter your existing objects accordingly. 

    Hope that helps,
    Thursday, December 17, 2009 6:13 PM