Have Laptop Studio 1537 With intel Graphics Media. Need help connecting to TV, by way of either VGA or HDMI to RCA, RRS feed

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  • I WAS TOLD that I need to check with my video manual on my laptop, to see if it supports VGA to RCA , and I haven't a clue how to find this information. I'm trying to run a karaoke show with my laptop, and I need two external monitors ( TV's) I need one for the singer to read from, and one for the audience to follow along with. I have a studio 1537, with Intel graphics media. I have VGA and HDMI outputs on my laptop. Not all the clubs have new TV's with that kind of input. So I need to also be able to do RCA. I was told that they make a VGA to RCA cable or converter . But the manufactor says I need to check my graphics card manual to see if my video card with support this kind of connection. I don't know how to get this information. I believe I will need to do this : VGA to RCA to a box that has numous RCA plugs in it, so I can run more than one TV from this. I asked a few stores, but they don't know what I'm talking about. I seen someone who had this box, but Didn't ask what it was called. Can someone help me. I'm so tired of reserching this. I really need answers soon. If I can get this to work for the RCA way, this would be perfect because ALL the TV's support RCA or even Svideo

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