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  • Very frustrated with the lack of customer service from the outlook team.  Yesterday I spent 3 hours being shuffled from one "Tech" to another no one could explain why Outlook was blocking my Apple email from using Hotmail as a send and receive account.  Stop trying to steal every bit of data and control every aspect of our lives.  Just because I choose not to use a Microsoft application to control ONE email on ONE computer does not mean I do not use it on ANOTHER.  I have PURCHASED Outlook for other computers but CANNOT USE IT the way I want to on my Apple - so I am forced to submit and conform to your theft of my freedom of choice.  Waist of my time, waist of my resources, just another good reason to get my own server and manage my own email - bookkeeping - documents and storage.  Tired of big business trying to control the way I use a product.  BRING CUSTOMER SERVICE BACK!  Meantime: Anyone know how to contact someone at Microsoft that truly knows how there products work and are willing to help you fix a basic issue?  
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  • Hi,

    The forum you originally posted in is for reporting issues with the TechNet/MSDN forums themselves, not actual product support.

    You can get some help over here (Participate -> Ask a Question):

    As a side note - 99% of us here in the forums don't work for Microsoft, we're just part of the community.

    Good luck.

    Wednesday, August 5, 2015 2:05 AM
  • I'd also suggest that you better describe the issue.

    It sounds like you are suggesting that you have an apple mail account <say> (or whatever apple uses for their email domain) and you want to use it on Hotmail.

    If that's the case, that will not work. Why would Microsoft allow you to use their servers to send email from Apple's domain?

    That's a big security breach.


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