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  • Hi, if I install Visual Studio 2012 64 Bit Extress Edition, will I be able to text-transfer code from an application develeoped in Visulal Studio 2005 (32 Bit) --- .cs after .cs --- into VS 2012E (64 Bit), recompile AND be able to create a new setup.exe? 

    (1.) By text-transfer I mean: in VS 2005 load a whatever.cs , expand it, copy the text to memory ---> goto VS2012E create whatever.cs ---> pasete the text from memory into the new whatever.cs

    (2.) lternatively I could simply add whatever.cs from VS2005 direcrly to the project in VS2012E.

    Would you please respond to both (1.) and (2.)?

    Many thanls,


    Saturday, April 13, 2013 1:28 PM