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  • Hi,

    I have read the CRM 4.0 Deployment and Planning documents and would still like an opinion on how to proceed with the following scenario.  I do not see much there concerning the migration from SBS.

    Pretty much burned with the 5 user limit for SBS, must go to the 2 server setup for 9 users.

    Environment is SBS 2003 r1 Premium with CRM 3.0 Small Business Edition, 9 licensed users, running on the SBS box.  All Exchange, Outlook HTTP over RPC, RWW, Group Policy, Time sync, Activesync ,etc working correctly, very few error events almost all known and accounted for.  Lotsa love for SBS 2003. CRM 3.0 working well with some customizations, no crashing clients, etc., still with SQL 2000 sp4.  Difficult upgrade from 1.4.  No ISA, Sonicwall TZ180 to the outside.  9 clients are all Vista 64 bit and Office 2007 Pro, better than performance index 3.5, some are 5.6+

    Licenses for CRM 4.0 with 9 licensed Pro users and a single server license, paid for awhile ago.

    In place member server, Windows 2003 64 bit with 2 dual AMD, 16gb ram, hardware mirrored drives, should be strong enough for this.  Presently is primarily a file server but is also running WSUS on it, thats about all.

    Procedure should be something like, eh?-

    -Back the heck UP (cold images) both SBS and member server system state etc.

    -Unplug member server from network,  (to allow for using the same DNS A record for CRM).

    -Install CRM 4.0 on member, use same DNS A record (for us this is ‘CoName-CRM’)

    -On SBS box Disable CRM users down to under  5.

    -Install CRM 4.0 on SBS box, run upgrade from 3.0

    -Verify upgrade completed successfully,   Check functionality with 5 users online, run upgrade on clients as needed.

    -Save backup of upgraded 4.0 databases.

    -Move databases over to member server offline.

    -Shut down IIS/CRM services on SBS box related to CRM (CRM website)

    -Check DNS settings on SBS box  to make sure CRM website is pointing to member server correctly.

    -Bring database up on the offline server.

    -Reconnect member server to SBS network.

    -Check for functionality.

    -Experience total failure, restore both member server and SBS box back from cold images.  Check for functionality.

    -Try again later.

    Comments, experience and links to more correct procedures welcome.


    Wednesday, August 6, 2008 5:03 AM


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