Hotmail: Rules: My rules are failing to categorize emails based on subject or body. RRS feed

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    Issue: Rules are failing to catch and assign a category to Junk Mail

    Repro Steps:

    1. Navigate to the Rules subsection within Outlook's Mail settings.

    2. Click the + to add a new rule and give it a name/label

    3. Under Condition select the drop-down menu Select an action and select Subject or Body includes. 

    4. Within the field that appears enter specific text (e.g. Click here to find more)

    5. Click the drop-down menu Select an action within the section Add an action and select the option Categorize, followed by selecting the option Select a category and a category (e.g. Spam). 

    6. Uncheck the option Stop processing more rules.

    7. Click the Save button to apply and save the rule.

    Actual Result

    Mail which match these conditions are failing to be categorized. 

    Expected Result

    As this rule is simple in scope, any email which has the string of words should be Categorized based on my selection.

    Notes. Do not respond with steps that match the above Repro Steps to "resolve" my issue. Instead provide honest feedback and also how you wish to address this issue. 


    As a subscriber since 1995, before Microsoft acquired Hotmail, I am constantly frustrated by the failure of this service. The above rule is simple enough in scope to tell me that Rules are currently broken. Years-ago, I started using Google's GMail because it was reliable and wasn't broken. If this continues I will setup Hotmail to be a forwarding address and rely exclusively on Gmail. Finally, as a former employee at Microsoft I find it apalling that this product has been left to wither. 

    Wednesday, August 19, 2020 2:18 PM