Can I decide what HDDs are used for Orginal Data and which ones iare used of Folder Duplication RRS feed

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  • I have a HP Media Smart WHS.  I have 4 2TB HDDs in the Server.  I have 4 2TB HDDs connected as external USB drives.  I use this server to stream BluRay and DVD ISOs to media extenders in my home.  Because of the bandwidth requirements for streaming BluRay ISOs I would like to make sure that the original copies are stored on the internal SATA HDDs.  I don't want to stream anything from the USB attached HDDs because then I am throttled by the USB 2.0.

    Is there a way for me to make sure that the USB attached HDDs are used only for folder duplication and the internal ones are used only for the original files?  If so, how is this done?

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011 4:38 AM

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  • WHS V1 doesn't allow that level of control... you don't get any control over whether a drive is used for the original or for folder duplication.

    An alternate setup (although manual) would be to turn off folder duplication, connect the 4bay USB enclosure to one of the client PC's in your house, then use a 3rd party utility like syncback to make a backup copy of all of your data across your network, to the 4bay array... unfortunately with this setup you would have to figure out how to setup the backup jobs because presumably your Share that you've got your Bluray rips in is easily going to exceed 2tb.


    I have a similar setup... but my backup procedure is more complicated...figure I'd share that to give you some ideas.  

    I've got an HP MSS with 3.5tb inside.  In addition I've got a Mediasonic 4bay enclosure connected via USB with 7tb connected so that's about 10.5tb of total space.  My movies share is over 6tb, all of my other shares combined are about 1tb.  I have folder duplication turned off because I would need 14tb of storage connected to the HP just to handle my current data needs.  

    So what I did was connected a 1.5tb USB drive to my server, and ran a server backup on all of my shares except for my movies share once.  Once completed I removed that USB drive and have it connected to my desktop.  Once every couple of weeks I turn on the USB drive and run a job in syncback to backup the contents of all of my shares (except for the movie folder) across my network... this doesn't take long because it is only copying new files from the last couple of weeks.  This works pretty well...and is only a couple of clicks to backup everything except for my movie share..  

    My movies share is more problematic because the share is so large... in this case I make a separate backup to a series of USB drives I've got sitting by my desktop... so when I copy the file to the server I also make a copy locally.

    On the plus side there should be less wear and tear on these drives connected to my desktop because they are only turned on for a few hours each week...  In addition by having these drives separate from my server they are protected in case the server suffers some physical damage... electrical short, fire, water damage etc...  for added security I could also take these drives and store them offsite, or in a firesafe etc.


    Anyways that's my setup... which does achieve what you are aiming for, unfortunately it's a manual process that I undertake to duplicate my data.  On the plus side I feel that my data is safer in this arrangement.  Also you have to think about what you are going to do when your Bluray rips exceed 8tb, you will need another 4 bay enclosure... the HP MSS only has 3 USB ports, in my case one of those USB ports is being used by my UPS battery.. so I only have 1 free.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011 5:48 PM