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  • I am having trouble renewing windows live onecare can you please help me. thanks bowler526
    Monday, May 12, 2008 7:10 PM


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  • What trouble are you having with renewal?

    Have you seen - How to Renew a Subscription to Windows Live OneCare ?



    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:09 AM
  • Never mind the fact that Windows Live OneCare hadn't updated properly for me in a few months now.  (That's a whole other issue)  Apparently I made a huge mistake by trying to renew my subscription to OneCare literally ONE DAY after it expired.


    So, like every year since '06, I bought another Windows Live OneCare disc, and ran it through my desktop as well as my wife's laptop.  The odd thing was that this time during the whole renewal process, it never asked me for my product key


    After the "installation process" completed, the OneCare home still said that my subscription had expired.  It explained that it was normal for OneCare to appear in red for a day or so after the renewal.


    That was almost two weeks ago


    I've been extremely busy due to work and home commitments, so I figured that as long as it was alright as long as the program was still installed on my computer.  Today, I went to a secure web site, when OneCare said that it had blocked a trojan and suggested I did a cleanup. 


    The problem was that the program became non-responsive.  So I uninstalled and re-installed the program, figuring today would be a good time for me to settle the problem.


    Only now, it's still saying I have to renew ( and still without even asking for a pass key), but now the wife's laptop cannot get online at all.  Whenever I try to sign on using the links OneCare provides, the window simply closes.  I have been fighting with this thing for four hours of my life that I will never get back.  I've retried several times to unistall it and re-install it from the disc I bought, as well as trying to download it as a trial basis and using my product key just in case it actually asked my for it.  And this entire time, I've been unable to contact e-mail support, let alone get someone on the phone.


    This is unacceptable service.


    This is hardly the first problem I've had with this "service", and my patience is quickly coming to an end.  I'm not looking for a link to a convoluted guide, I'm looking for a solution to this problem (as well as the problem with the updates) from an honest to good speaking human being. 

    Or I will be looking for a refund.


    By the way - I manage an electronics department in a store for one of the world's largest retailers.  Until today, whenever a customer asked for advise when it comes to selecting anti-virus software, I'd eagerly recommend this product.  If these situations are not resolved in a prompt, satisfactory manner that will no longer be the case.


    Sincerely -


    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 8:58 PM
  • Tom:

    You did not need to uninstall/reinstall. You simply needed to renew with the retail key.

    Now that you reinstalled, by activating with the same LiveID, the new install inherited the subscription status of the existing subscription and you were not prompted for payment or a retail PIN/Key.


    Go to http://billing.microsoft.com and sign in with your subscription LiveID. (Open OneCare and click help/about to view the subscription LiveID)

    Select the OneCare subscription and click on the renew link.

    Choose the option to renew with a prepaid PIN or token which is the retail product key.

    Enter the 25 character key and proceed.

    It can take up to 24 hours for the subscription status to be updated in OneCare if you are renewing within 30 days of expiration and 5 days if renewal was performed between 90 and 30 days before expiration.


    If you encounter any problems, contact support - 

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2



    Thursday, July 3, 2008 11:54 AM