Unable to contact Support to correct error; I paid the fee until 11/01/2008 but being shown inactive... Can you help? RRS feed

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  • It has been confirmed by Email from Mr "Premkumar" of MS Customer Service that my subscription is paid until 11/01/2008. Re my Boxed Application 6000094684-18-75105-JKEN

    Instead of being able to fix the error Mr. Premkumar gave me an address to login to:

    http://support.live.com/ >
    > Click Windows Live OneCare >
    > click on "get more help" >
    > again click on "Get Support" to contact the "Technical Support" Team.

    I tried that several times and each time it got a "...please try later" message. I also tried Tech Support number and you either do not go thru or left waiting for someone that never answers; finally they disconnect the call. I am dissapointed of Microsoft. Can someone really help?

    However I could not log to Windows Live OneCare "Support" for assistance due The ID under "help" is not available; it says that my subscription is inactive. Therefore I could not provide a "20 digit validation ID" since it's not available from "Help" > About...

    Other messages in my PC say that I have one day left on my subscription. (???) I am very dissapointed because I paid for one year until 11/01/2008 and MS is not honoring my paid-up fee of a one year service...

    Can you look into this problem and fix it instead of asking me to call or email someone. Your phone is hard to contact and your support by Email is not available due that the "20 digit product ID Number" that the form asks for, is not available from "help" in the Live OneCare application.

    This is a question post not a statement. Please answer my concern.


    Jozef Mohick

    Thursday, October 2, 2008 3:04 PM


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  • Jozef Mohick,


    Thank you for visiting the OneCare Program forums.


    First of all, please check your time and date on your system.  Has it been changed? If so, it might be the reason

    why you are receiving the renewal messages.  Revert the system time and date to the current time and date.

    Stop and restart the winss service (Onecare Service)  (Method 3 in kb article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/944170/en-us)


    What is OneCare showing you now? the same thing? or something different?


    Second you can check to verify your renewal date by going to the http://billing.microsoft.com and entering in your Windows Live ID.


    The Renewal process for OneCare is different based on how OneCare was initially purchased.  Did you purchase

    OneCare online with a credit card? if so, online subscriptions can be auto renewed. If you purchased the boxed version of OneCare, then the auto-renewal is not an option, and you will need to do a manual renewal.


    What you are seeing is the renewal process reminder.  It will show up 30 days before your subscription expires.  If you renew now, you will not be charged until the renewal date.  It looks like you may have a trial version of OneCare somehow installed on your machine because it does not show the ID through OneCare> Help>About.  and that the trial OneCare has not been activated? If this is the case, click on Subscribe and enter in your Windows Live ID associated with your OneCare subscription.



    Is it possible that you are using the correct Windows Live ID?  When you enter into the billing website for Microsoft and enter in the Windows Live ID, it will show you which account you are using and whether or not that is the same account as your OneCare subscription.  If you''re still not able to retrieve your OneCare Live ID, please contact support.


    Once you have your subscription Live ID,  Log into the Microsoft billing site

    Click "Windows Live OneCare" under "Your Services"

    You should see an option to "Renew this Service" in the "Renewal scheduled for "section

    Under the Plan Description page you should see two options, to pay by credit card or with a new product key.

    Enter the information requested , enter in your Name in the "Review and sign the agreements" section, click

    "Accept and Buy" and "Done".



    Please let us know if this has helped,


    Lori MS





    Thursday, October 2, 2008 10:45 PM
  • Thanks Lori:

    1) The Time and Date on my PC are correct.
    2) The "Billing page has the correct purchase (10/30/07) and renewal date (11/01/08).
    3) I have been receiving Renewal notices for over a month ago... ???

    Everything checks out OK. Serial #s, etc... However, when I try to contact support to explain, I get a notice that my account is inactive and I need to renew. The Email is also impossible to connect. I chatted with a Rep and he could do nothing. Nothing works...

    At this point, I cannot update anymore, due according to MS I need to renew... To say the least, am very upset with this situation. The Support phone just leaves you waiting and then disconnects...

    Thanks again, at least you tried. Jozef
    Saturday, October 4, 2008 6:58 PM
  • Jozef Mohick,


    Do you know if you have more than one Windows LIve ID? Have you confirmed your subscription ID?


    To sort out your issue of not being able to check your Subscription ID,


    Please run the following tool as it will reset your Windows Live ID in a trial copy of OneCare: (if it is a trial version)



    Log in with your Subscription ID.  Do you see the button to renew?



    Is the inactive message still showing up in OneCare? 


    Please try to contact support again today if you are still having issues with billing.

    This is located at the following link:


    • Click Contact Support in the middle of the page
    • Then click Contact Support in the lower right corner
    • Click Get Support
    • Select Billing Support or Technical Support
    • Then follow the directions listed in the OneCare support wizard.


    I hope this helps,


    Lori MS




    Monday, October 6, 2008 4:40 PM