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  • Sure the home screen for Windows Sideshow on a mobile device looks great and has a decent touch screen ability, but the submenus are far from satisfactory. They're plain text menus and you have to use the scroll bar on the side to scroll through your options, such as music when sorted by artist or albums.

    How about making a better GUI that has a TouchFLO option that we've all come to love so that scrolling through your artists is just a flick up or down on the screen. 

    Also, could we have more than just 25 results per page? It gets kinda old having to search through over 800 artists when there's only 25 per page.

    Creating a look similar to (I hate to say it) the iPod or even the music library in the PCs version of Media Player wouldn't be so bad. While scrolling through it's good to have visuals such as album art.

    I'm sure Microsoft can come up with a way to create thumbnails to be transferred over Bluetooth quite quickly seeing that they only need to be 50x50 on the phones display.

    Browsing though pictures needs thumbnails

    Browsing through music needs thumbnails.



    Overall... As much hype as there is over Windows SideShow I feel it lacks any real quality as far as the GUI goes. Please work on it and make it look and function better for touch screen devices.

    Monday, October 20, 2008 8:35 PM