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  • My "My Documents\SyncToyData" folder has 83.5MB of files in it.  Does this sound right?  Some of the ".bin" files pairs are up to a year old (probably when I started using SyncToy).  I'm using SyncToy v1.4.0.0.


    I have two folder pairs which I'm using between my laptop and my desktop.  From the filenames, there seems to be a left folder and right folder ".bin" file.  I have 17 pairs of ".bin" files, each file being in the region of 2.5MB in size.


    One of the folder pairs syncs "C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\" with a share of the My Documents folder on my desktop.


    I'm guessing that this may relate to the fact that the "SyncToyData" folder lives under the folder that I'm sync-ing?  I've recently configured that not to sync any more.


    A few questions:

    - Is it safe to delete the old ".bin" files?

    - Was I correct to set this folder not to sync?

    - Does SyncToy v2 (beta / relase version) know better than to sync its own SyncToyData, if this is the cause?


    Thanks in advance,



    Monday, February 11, 2008 7:24 PM

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    I've been doing some more testing & investigations, looking at the file times updating after I've run a sync.  This implies to me that the file which is changing is the one relating to my other folder pair (not the My Documents folder pair as guessed above).


    I've also noticed that (in the filename) the first 10 characters always stay the same, the next 10 characters always change and the rest stay the same, each time I run a sync.


    The folder pair causing the problem is currently set to Echo.  Setting it to Sync (like the My Documents folder pair) doesn't change the problem.


    Deleting the old ".bin" files (but leaving the latest) doesn't cause SyncToy a problem, but still it creates new files each time.  Deleting all the files for that folder pair doesn't cause any errors, recreates the files on the first run and then creates some new files on the second and subsequent runs.


    Any ideas anyone?




    Monday, February 11, 2008 9:15 PM