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  • We have a large installation (> 500 users with multiple multi tiered business units) and lately we have been told by our customer support area that importing a list of contacts, leads or accounts takes hours to complete. We have uploaded a sample list of 15 contacts and when we look at the imports screen they are just sitting there for the past hour with a status of Submitted.

    When we look at the PERFMON counter MSCRMASYNCSERVICE Import operations Outstanding it shows a 0 meaning it is not working on them. We have tested this on our Developement and QA systems and the parsing and import process starts as soon as we submit the list. The import process for 15 contacts completes in less than a minute on QA. We do not user or have enabled duplication detection.  We have verified the Perfmon counters show the Import Operations Outstanding once the parsing starts. Our problem is the async service is so backed up it takes HOURS for a simple import of contacts to start. 

    If someone can tell us how to read or analyze the Perfmon Async service counters that would help. We have not seen anything written up on them other than a list of available counters

    Or if anyone tell us if there is a way to prioritize an import operation or how else to see just how many Async operations are in front of our import? It is frustrating to users to import data and have to wait until the next day to use that data.

    We are on RollUp 13. Please don't tell us to go to RU 15.  < LOL >

    Monday, February 7, 2011 8:48 PM