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  • I suffered several issues that I cannot find, hire or understand any means to resolution.

    Sparing my woes of IT tech pros from big box squads to independent local outfits, enough to just say that after biting a stick at every dollar spent and each measure deployed , even the latest slash and burn tactic of about 2yrs ago wherein all new pc's and a fresh sbs03 install was done apparently... (with hopes to start fresh all ) Having done this under the flag of "needs of the business", disappointment is an understatement, as I find myself essentially plagued with same level of risks , equal or more vulnerabilities, worse, seemingly multiple means to a given function, overlapping functionalities, others unused by my needs, are left un-configured and as such, per research/ reading; unless I wrong,  introduces or rather exposes you to risks as well as a result of factory defaults and its impacts 

    I generally speaking wish deeply to evaluate my small biz setup , a network of under 10, from the ground up insofar as health, harness, security, stability, function, and most if all the configuration and setup.

    To ask questions regarding dichotomies like deciding whether or not to trust something when the details provided to make that decision are themselves suspect. or When doing diligence to establish safety of an item, and the computer returns that a certificate or file is good, yet the line just above this judgment shows a date that has expired?, how then could it be said to be valid at the same time. or updates that are either questioned or return details that actually say 'unknown' for either publisher info, or for location details, or about crucial version and date information. For example, more and more I see ominous looking and suggestive txt docs, as config files or other , mostly hidden that, again, provide little to no useful details from which to evaluate its behavior / its function and therefore if its needed at all.

    Version numbers that oddly are increasingly reporting 1.xx derivations in many many cases. or folders and files, purportedly recently opened/modified, yet are empty.? Again many many instances.

    Ever increasing amounts of users appear with cryptic , all UPPERCASE names, some with $, or #, or others as part of the name, a name that also is a relative duplicate of another file or folder or.. one that is not is all uppercase, has no cryptic symbols, and is dated differently and of a different size. Groups listed as users, built in policies that change or appear without my doing or authorizing or knowing what or why or who this is .

    I realize that this is a shotgun like writing and raises a myriad of questions that are all over the place. For this I do apologize and can only appeal to patience, at this point I can even bow to some pity from someone for whom these confusing, debilitating and nagging problems for me; are not so much problems as they are less damning issues and manageable to points. Hopefully these 'issues' have related protocols and/or solutions that, once implemented can ultimately gain back control, confidence and stability. Aspects and characteristics that have been long missing, have proven, for whatever reasons to be elusive , and lastly that have been sought out with open mind, trust/belief to a fault and as of late, with desperation from the potential for looming, catastrophic loss or failure. That E.L.E. extinction level event, that a wild percentage of small businesses suffer as result of a significant breech, loss, breakdown or cascade failure.

    So... in fewer words... where does one begin to find the logical and useful processes to effect positive change that does not become undone or overwritten, and that creates a working platform that befits the work I need to do with it?

    Oh yeah... that,,, and world peace, AND WHILE AT OT... ID REALLY LOVE TO ROLL THE CLOCK BACK 10 RR20 YEARS.





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  • I've read this post twice and still can't understand what is being asked here.

    Something about version numbers, something about uppercases, and something about protocols and/or solutions, and rolling the clock back "10 RR20 years". You are also looking for someone to come in and assess your small "biz" of 10 users? It's not clear.

    Being not sure exactly what questions you are asking or what you want us to tell you, you can certainly post questions here and we'll try to answer them, if we can understand them. Full architectural assessments of your environment, however, are beyond this forum...you'd want to look to hire a local AD-specialist to come in and give you further advice. 

    In any case, please re-state the questions you have.

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