BUG: double quotes in CSV file RRS feed

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  • If you export data with double quotes in to CSV, double quotes are not properly "escaped". For example, many page titles have double quotes, so when exporting the backlinks, many of the rows won't load when I open the file in OpenOffice Calc. In Excel I think all the rows load but many double quotes are missing.

    I believe all double quotes should be escaped by putting them twice - at least, that's what Wikipedia says!

    So if there is a page title:
    Here is "my" page
    The current export gives this:
    "Here is "my" page","http://www.example.com", ...
    But it should do this:
    "Here is ""my"" page","http://www.example.com", ...

    I hope you can get this fixed soon. Thanks for a great service!
    Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:16 AM