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  • MP4 wristwatches are nothing new. They’re usually encountered in James Bond movies or in your wildest dreams. Still, there are companies that have tried to create these all-in one gadgets. Unfortunately, the wrist-wonders just failed miserably when it comes to video quality and, well, screen size evidently.


    Weighing just 66 g, the new Epoq EMP-CVWC-2/4 "MP4" super-clock claims to have "le creme-de-le-creme" when it comes to integrated functions. The bad new is that it actually does everything at very low standards. The really bad news has to be the size of the 260 k OLED screen: 1.5-inch (there goes your eagle sight). After all, if the screen was bigger, you wouldn't call it a watch anymore (you would call it a mini-screen with a wristband). The main ingredients include a metal-and-leather case, 128 X 128 resolution, MP3/ WMA/JPG support, voice recorder, FM radio and a 2.5 mm headphone jack.



    The Epoq comes in 2 flavors: EMP-CVWC-2 features 2GB and the EMP-CVWC-4 boasts a storage of 4 GB. The lower end will cost you 170$. 2GB means about an hour and a half video, meaning you can barely brag to your friends that you can watch a full movie on your shiny video watch. 

    Saturday, May 5, 2007 3:03 PM

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