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  • Many times questions are related to different forums at the same time. For example a question in c# can be related to wpf, Entity Framework, Linq to Sql and so on. 

    So when I ask a question in wpf only the people in wpf can answer the question, which most probably would have good knowledge of other forums (eg entity framework).

    Therefore by putting tags instead of selecting Forum groups the question can reach a wider audience and get a more accurate answer at a shorter time. At the same time posting a question would also be easier. All you have to do to post a question is to fill up the title, body and insert the tags, rather than scrolling up and down to find the right forum. I am certain that by implementing tags, Microsoft forums would be a greater place to post questions. 

    Thanks for reading.  

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  • Hello,

    I'd bring this up on the Suggestions and Feedback for the Forums forum.


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  • There was an attempt back when VS2010 was in beta. People were asked to tag their questions to help sorting in those beta forums. The attempt failed. People just don't seem to tag their questions for whatever reason. 

    I would say "reach a wider audience" isn't good for the community. In fact that is why I unsubscribe the C++ tags on stackoverflow (and yes I am still interested in C++ questions) and the C# forum on MSDN. There are just way too many off-topic posts (like the WPF/Linq/Entity Framework questions you mentioned), making the tag RSS/language forums actually a waste of time to monitor.

    And for the people who have those off-topic questions, asking in the wrong forum practically cut the audience in half if not more.  It is much better to get the questions to the right hands - for example, a WPF question should go to the WPF forum where not only C# programmers can contribute, but VB programmers can too. Keeping forums focused helps everybody. 

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    Tuesday, April 28, 2015 10:15 PM
  • Mostly agreed. But for Linq I think some people will prefer asking in C# forum in hope to get Linq query with C# syntax as reply.

    IMO asking for language specific questions in the "language general" forums ought to be acceptable.

    Too bad people try to use "language general" forum as "dump all your questions here" forum.

    Monday, June 1, 2015 9:06 AM