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  • Hello, I just started doing computer repair on the side...

    I have multiple instances where the client needs the OS reinstalled and they have lost the cd.

    There has to be a better solution then going to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326246/en-us
    and waiting up to a month to order replacement media everytime.... otherwise I will have to charge all my clients double for the hassle.

    I have a technet plus subscription but none of the consumer isos are available. I.e. no xp home, windows 2000, windows 98.

    If go out and bite the bullet and order a OEM xp home cd (with the license which I don't need, but apparently this is the only way to get what I want) will I be able to reinstall on multiple pcs by using the serial printed on the COA sticker on the machine?

    My goal is this --> I want to build a OS library so that I can immediately have the ability to reinstall the OS on any computer that has a vaild serial on its COA without going through all this.

    Also, not really sure about retail XP home and OEM... will serial numbers from both work on either cd, or is that another cd i need to order?

    Very frustrated, everthing I am doing is legal, but I feel like I am jumping through a thousand hoops.

    Any help is appreciated.



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  • Charlie,

    Thanks for visiting the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) program forum. Your post is out of scope for this forum, as well as out of my area of expertise. Here we deal with Validation issues as they affect individual users.

    The short answer Charlie, recovery media for retail can be obtained by the customer as listed above. Recovery media for OEM machines needs to be obtained through the OEM. Keeping generic ISO's or a library of media, can cause your customers Validation problems you are not aware of. We also do not encourage by any stretch of the imagination this behavior. When a customer purchases the product, it does come with license terms and agreements. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain their media, paperwork, and media when he or she purchases their computer. Remember, here at Windows Genuine Advantage, we are coming up with new ways every day to prevent OS images from simply being slapped on a consumers machine. It is important to use the media which comes with the computer or retail package to prevent future Validation issues. The bits on media are respective to the licesnse type, terms and agreements.

    This is all the information I am able to provide which may or may not help you, as which may or may not be related to your question.

    Thank you for visiting the WGA program forum.


    My unofficial response. Recovery media is pretty cheap and with even my most novice users- they are able to pick up a phone and get it ordered and sent to their home. The end users need to have this on hand, especially for future incidents which may require a restore.
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