Problem with inline pictures


  • I have had a long time problem with Windows Live Mail. Specifically, when I want to forward an email containing several (e.g., 10) inline pictures (embedded, not attached), I first want to "clean" the message, which contains the header information of the person who sent it to me, vertical bars on the left, some sort of ad at the bottom, like Incredimail, etc. The easy way to do that is mark (highlight) only what you want to forward, hit copy, then hit Ctrl/A to highlight everything and hit Delete. That wipes everything out of the email. Now you hit Paste to paste back what you copied. 

    Problem is that most of the time, instead of the system pasting what I copied, it pastes a repeat of the LAST picture for every picture that was in the email. IOW, if there were 10 different pictures in the email and the last picture was a monkey, I get 10 pictures of the monkey. 

    I have tried repairing WLM, but it doesn't solve the problem.

    P.S. This does NOT happen if I used Thunderbird.


    Saturday, September 06, 2014 1:09 PM