Convert xls doc VSTO2 to xlsx VSTO3 RRS feed

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  • I have an excel 2003 vsto 2.0 solution (created with framework 2.0) that i've ported to vsto 3.0 (VS.NET 2008 with 3.5 sp1).

    My problem is: how a customer that has an old document and want to use with my new solution can transform/convert the old document?

    I think the only way is to create a program that open the old one, save it with new format and use 'ServerDocument.AddCustomization' to attach the vsto customization.

    I've tried but i have an error when open the file 'App.Workbooks.Open()' give an error because the old dll customization is not found.

    So to summerize:

    1) how can i convert an xls to xlsx?
    2) how can i do this conversion when there is an xls with a dll customized attached?
    3) how can i suppress error on opening old document files?

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008 1:45 PM