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  • Ok, so I ran into trouble today, and Windows is recognised as not genuine suddenly. I thought it was because of Windows Update (the likeliest), or Norton 360 installation, or changing the HDD (though it was fine for 12 hours before that non-genuine message). Finally found a solution here. I believe it was someone called Darren (sorry I can't be bothered to look up the name again).

    I go through with the tool that he gave me. Finally through activation (my previous attempt to reactivate via slus 4 (i think) led me to problem. It did not recognise my key at all, and therefore did not generate the code that you have to tell microsoft via telp).

    Apparently the Indonesian number is offline/unusable anymore. Microsoft should have removed/changed this. People in my situation will even stupidly redial the number several times as they can't think clearly. So I call Singaporean number (the alternative number given when I select Indonesia), and the re-activation is done.

    So what is the new activation centre number for Indonesia?

    If the Indonesian activation centre is still active, I would like to complaint on my experience several years ago. I remembered my experience calling Indonesian activation centre: it was horrible. Did the staffs received proper training? They asked me that I provide a copy of my CoA and my product key. I said, let me think about it first, put down the phone, and call the UK number from Indonesia (I live in both UK and Indonesia, so that UK is the natural choice - other than Singapore)

    Sunday, February 17, 2013 5:11 PM

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