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  • I've published a new release: fixes a bug in which settings updates weren't being correctly persisted with Outlook 2007, and - more significantly - changed the installation mechanism from ClickOnce to MSI. This has two repercussions: first, the startup delay reported by Outlook 2013 has been removed; second, it should be easier for people to manage deployment and updating.

    Please note, though, that you will need to manually and carefully uninstall the old version first - check the readme file that came with it, or comments in this forum, for details.

    The installation does require that .NET and VSTO are available - if you're installing on a machine which has had the previous add-in on it, you've probably got all the bits already. If not, the MSI installation will stop, asking you to download and install the necessary components. (I'd have liked to include automatically grabbing those but various [non technical] reasons prevented me from doing that this time round - maybe next time...)

    Specifically, the components you need, and their download locations, are:

    So, to summarise: close Outlook, remove any old versions, then try running the MSI file. If it fails, note what package it says is missing, install that, and then try again.

    Please don't hesitate to shout if there are any problems.

    Thursday, February 14, 2013 8:31 AM