Microsoft + Facebook = Trouble for Google RRS feed

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  • Some interesting rumors have surfaced this week regarding the Microsoft, Google and Facebook juggernauts.

    First, Michael Arrington from TechCrunch set the blogosphere afire Friday when he reported that a group of "industry luminaries" attended a cloak-and-dagger meeting at Google's headquarters to discuss how to deal with Facebook, whose 40-million-plus users aren't the issue so much as its open development platform. Arrington said not one but THREE sources fed him the info (can you say "leak"?).

    Then the Wall Street Journal sparked the market Monday by reporting that Microsoft is in talks to buy a minority stake in Facebook, for whom it is an advertising provider, for $300 million to $500 million. Of course, Google has also expressed interest in taking a piece of Facebook. Let's examine both reports.

    As for the Google-Facebook meeting, Arrington reported that Google's goal is to fight Facebook by being even more open than the Facebook platform. To do this, he wrote, Google will announce a new set of APIs on Nov. 5 that will let developers tap into Google's social graph data.

    Supposedly, Google will start with Orkut and its iGoogle personalized home page, and extend it to Gmail, then Google Talk in the future. But apparently, Google also is planning to give developers in its network the ability to pull Orkut data outside of Google and into third-party applications via the APIs.

    Furthermore, Google also is considering allowing third-party social networks to give access to their user data to developers through those same APIs.

    Saturday, September 29, 2007 8:19 PM

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