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    I have contacted the MSN group support to report abuse  that  I've been subjected in an Argentinian forum yesterday. The forum's name is:




    People from this group have pasted personal photos I put in ANOTHER forum, without my consent and they have edited them adding nasty and disturbing messages regarding nazism and concentration camps. Not only that, they have threatened me with putting the photo of my little grandson all around the net showing him as an "abused child".


    Although I have received an initial answer from the MSN team, when I tried to send the information required to follow my case to an agent called J.K.Weston, my mail was rejected for being considered "spam". I have called the agent 4 TIMES already and she doesn't answer my phone calls. I unseccessfully trie to contact the msn abuse group through the link provided by microsoft, which was also rejected for being considered spam.


    I am very upset. I don't understand why a company like Microsoft put a 5 page long contract that you guys don't even respect. I don't understand why the contract says that private information would be respected, and when crazy people reach a simple photo you guys cannot give a straight answer and can't  - or don't - want to deal with those who threaten and manipulate our information with total impunity. The links you send don't work, and the email addresses of those who are suppose to take the cases of abused net surfers like me simply don't work.


    I thought you people PROTECTED those like me who use your service thinking that is safe, serious and would stand up for us when we are abused. Especially in these times where there are lot of crazy peolple out there doing all sort of things to peaceful people that the only thing they do in these groups is chat with friends without bothering anybody.

    Monday, June 4, 2007 7:35 PM