Chart Delay Issue... RRS feed

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  • I have a relatively new Dell Optiplex 790 with what I believe to be business grade component/RAM running Windows 7 Pro.  Intel i7-2600 Processor on the 64-bit OS.

    My issue is this: In running our trading software, upon entering in a stock ticker into the program to display a stock chart for a certain period of time, the initial display of that chart takes upwards of 15 seconds.  Once that ticker has been entered and the chart has been displayed once on my screen, each subsequent it loads when I type in the ticker, it is almost instantaneous.  On similar pcs in our office, the charts upload instantaneously.  In working with the software's tech team, they isolated the problem to my pc, but didn't have a solution.  Does anyone know of a setting that I can tweak in order to speed up the initial display (memory issue?) of the chart feature?

    For instance:  type in AAPL: chart takes 15 seconds (when it should be instantaneous) to load.

    Type in new ticker MSFT and it takes 15 seconds to load.

    go back to AAPL and it's displayed in less than a second.

    Same for MSFT when I go back to it.

    Type in GOOG: 15 second delay. 

    At the end of the line here for fixes, and wondering if anyone has a suggestion I might try.

    Friday, March 23, 2012 6:43 PM