Numerous error messages all at once, would new sys drive cure all? RRS feed

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  • The issue - Original WHS with all PPs installed, 160 gig sys drive and 4x1TB data drives, plus attached NAS with 4x2TB drives in it, all homebuilt a few years back.

    Began getting drive error on sys drive weekly 4 or 5 weeks back, bought a new drive to replace it.

    Prior to installing new sys drive, a host of new error messages popped all at once, all folders having file conflicts, backup service not running and various drives failed. The drive issue has settled down to 2 of the 2 TB drives in the NAS have failed after a few reboots.

    I don't believe 2 drives went bad at same time, nor that all folders have file conflicts, so I'm guessing there is a problem with the sys drive, esp. as backup service has failed at same time and that replacing it will take care of all the other issues. However, the status of the sys drive shows as fine in the console, go figure.

    Does this seem plausible? 

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  • No thoughts from anyone if a bad sys drive would cause a host of error messages?


    I opened a CMD window, and I'm manually running CHKDSK to see what I turn up, if anything. I guess based on that I'll make my next move. If it turns up nothing, I'll guess I'll swap out sys drive, though I don't feel good about it.

    Well, CHKDSK /f and a reboot got me back to 'green' status. So first thing tomorrow I back up the sys drive and then put in it's replacement.
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