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  • Hi

    We are currently working on a project that requires CRM Online integration and could use a little help with it.

     What we are trying to do:


    1. Customize the “Account” form to include 2 checkboxes:
      • Action 1
      • Action 2
    2. When the checkbox “Action 1” is checked we want CRM Online to run a PowerShell script either located locally in CRM Online itself or maybe hosted externally and available as a web endpoint.
    3. The PowerShell script will connect to other online services such as a CSP tenant and perform actions in that tenant.
    4. Similarly action 2 will run a PowerShell script that will connect to another external application running on-premises and perform an action in that on-premises application.


    It would be great if someone could guide us or maybe point to a resource with the steps required to achieve the above.


    Note: we already have the PowerShell scripts, we just need a way to run them from CRM Online.

    Wednesday, September 7, 2016 9:27 AM