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  • Hello all,


    After searching through the forum and on google I have not found a perfect WHS Forum topic for this software/driver issue:  How to connect an APC SmartUPS 1500SC to WHS via a serial-to-USB cable?


    Here's what I've done so far:

    1) RD into WHS from another desktop on my network

    2) After attaching the serial-to-USB connector from the APC Smart-UPS 1500SC to my WHS machine I noted a yellow "exclamation" under the:

    "control panel - system properties - hardware - ports" menu in the "device manager."

    3) Following my interpretation of what others have done on this forum, I took the APC supplied disc for my SmartUPS 1500SC and placed in the WHS CD-R drive (homebuilt machine).

    4) I installed the driver from the CD supplied with the SPC SmartUPS device

    5) During Install I encountered a "Windows Logo" certification error (even thought APC recommends this as the Win 2003 Driver).

    6) Though I was able to find another more recent driver at http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?ID=31 I chose to proceed with the driver located on my CD (The driver I'm using from this CD is Prolific Version dated 12/1/2003).

    7) I have since been able to communicate successfully withe the SmartUPS device via the:

    "control panel - system properties - power options - UPS" menu configuring for an "American Power Conversion" Manufacturer and "Smart-UPS" model.  The USB-to-Serial Bridge live on COM4.

    8) I am able to configure the device from the "UPS" menu and instruct the computer to "Shut Down" at a Critical Alarm.


    Here are my questions:

    1) Regarding the install of an APC Smart-UPS on WHS, is there a recommended protocol and driver for the serial-to-usb connection?

    2) Is the lack of "Logo Support" import in this install?

    3) If lack of "Logo Support' is important, does anyone have experience with the latest drivers from the prolific site?

    4) Does "Shutdown" from the the Power Options menu have a negative effect on the server as the software and others on this forum would seem to recommend "Shutdown" from the "Console" software only?

    5) Have others successfully used the APC Smart-UPS 1500SC with WHS?


    Thanks Very Much!



    Friday, April 18, 2008 2:55 AM