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  • I am trying to test out remote media streaming with WHS V2 Vail. So far i have very limited success. The only videos that i have been able to get to work are those that workd with the HP MSS Flash media streamer that was limitedto 2 gig in size. That size limitation can a pretty big problem when you start talking about streaming SD or even low end HD video.

    The only issue i can see that is documented is that the WHS V2 Vail streaming ability can't currently handle mpeg2 encoding/decoding and can't access AC3 audio encoded streams. So does anyone know what the actual expection is with remote media streaming and what  specs that it will support. I thought that as long as i was sticking with MP4 video with ACC audio i would be fine but i have found that is far from the truth. As of right now the only videos i have had success with are videos encoded with NERO Recode with set tp 1-1.5mpbs bitrate and default audio settings of ACC 6 chanel audio. I took the same movie and only changed the bit rate up to 4.9(original bitrate reported by Nero) and encoded th exact same and it wouldn't recognize the video for streaming.

    Also i would suggest that WHS be enabled to dynamically transcode the video to be able to accomidate for difference in destination bandwith. It seems to me i should be able to encode a video in 1080i if my source is there and then just have the server transcode the video based on endpoint bandwith. That would also help haveing to have multiple copies of the same video for different connection types.

    Thursday, May 13, 2010 3:35 AM

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  • I had good luck with .x264, .Mp4 format. the .avi are supported but are very slow.

    I also found that any video that worked on the Blackberry Storm works fine, or apple Iphone.

    I use any video converter free version.

    hope this helps

    Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:59 PM